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Kerala’s Ayurvedic Treatment

Date Added: March 02, 2013 08:11:01 AM
Author: Adamjo
Category: Recreation: Travel
Kerala is a very famous tourist spot in Southern India. Kerala tours travel is arranged not only to enjoy the scenic beauty but also to take advantage of the Ayurvedic treatments offered. Kerala is known as the mother of Ayurveda and is the only state in India that practices this way of medication with absolute dedication. Ayurveda is the ancient science of life. It literally means life (Ayur) and science or knowledge (veda). Ayurveda basically deals with the knowledge of the do’s and don’ts to be followed in one’s life for the physical, mental and social well being of the individual and to lead a happy, healthy and comfortable life. Kerala’s equable climate, natural abundance of forests which is rich in herbs and medicinal plants and the cool monsoon climate are conducive to the curative and restorative effects of Ayurveda. One among the rare and special types of treatments of Kerala is Pizhichil. This treatment involves application of lukewarm herbal oils all over the body by two or more trained therapists in a special rhythmic way for about 60 to 90 minutes per day continuously for about 7 to 21 days. A special table made of a single piece of Strychnos Nuxvomica wood is used for this treatment. This method of treatment is very effective for disorders like Rheumatic diseases like arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, paralysis- agitanus, sexual weakness, nervous weakness and nervous disorders. The other methods of Ayurvedic treatment are Njavarakizhi,Sirodhara, Vasthi, Sirovasthi, Udvarthanam, Abhyangam, Nasyam, Kizhi, Sandhi Vatha Chikilsa, Snehapanam, Dahanyamla Dhara, Yoniprakshalanam, Kativasthi, Urovasthi, Sukhanidra, Lepanam, Thalam etc For further reference visit :
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