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Seven Great Ways to Advertise

Date Added: November 27, 2012 07:35:21 AM
Author: announceamerica
Category: Business: Marketing and Advertising
The best way to reach customers is with advertising. With ads, a business can get their name and product out to the general public. There are many great ways to advertise with both paid and free advertising services. With these seven great advertising tactics, businesses can find and attract more customers. Word of Mouth Word of mouth marketing is probably the easiest way to advertise a business. It is free and one of the most influential forms of advertising. Basically, when a customer has a positive experience with a business, they tell people, and those people tell people. Slowly, consumers will begin to have a positive opinion of that business. The best thing about word of mouth advertising is that the person promoting the business doesn’t gain anything from it, so the person hearing the promotion can take it at face value. Social Media Social media advertising can be broken up into two categories. The first category is similar to word of mouth; however, it has a much wider audience. There are many social media websites, and people constantly share their experience and opinions of businesses. Their voice reaches a large audience of potential customers who may or may not like what they hear. Secondly, social media letsa business have its own social media presence. Through social media, businesses can interact and connect with their customers. Promotions People love sales and promotions. If a business is in the market of selling products or services, a promotion or sale is a great way to bring in new customers and keep current ones. Some consumers may choose to buy or try something new just because there is a sale. While not everyone who tries the product will return, it does allow the business to connect with new customers who may not have known about that business’s products or services. It also helps to reinforce a positive image of the company to current customers and help retain them. Classified Ads Services Classified ads are another way to get customers and there are both paid and free advertising services for great classified ads. By placing a classified ad, businesses can advertise nearly anything: sales, promotions, new items/services, etc. While classified ads started in the newspaper, there are now hundreds of websites offering paid or free classified ads that can help generate interest from customers. Business Listings Perhaps one of the most basic ways to advertise is just have your business listed. If a business isn’t listed, the customer will have a hard time knowing it is out there. There are many websites that offer free business listings, so it isn’t something that will break the bank. Business Announcements If something new is happening in your business, like a sale or new items/services, then a business announcement is a great tool for catching a customer’s interest. Announcements let customers know what new things are happening with a business and remind them why they should want to use that business’s products or services. Advertising Agencies For businesses that want to pay someone else to handle their advertising, advertising agencies are a great resource. These agencies specialize in knowing what can gain a consumer’s interest. They know all the tips, keys and secrets to gaining long-term customers. Conclusion Advertising is the best way to gain more customers. Through advertising, a business can let customers know they exist and why the customer should choose them. There are many ways to advertise, and some are even free. With great advertising, business can ensure customers will want their products and or services.
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