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Press Release Service

Date Added: June 06, 2012 09:10:23 AM
Author: Harryponting
Category: Business: Marketing and Advertising
A closely related tactic to article submissions, press releases is geared towards building a business image and establishing a brand in its field. More than informative, press release posts tackle events, changes, or services of the brand itself rather than the field in general. Building links via press release elevates the brand in the competitive market with a method that incorporates marketing strategy with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Why Do We Need Press Releases – What Are Their Benefits? One reliable way of getting our business known in the online world is through the use of press releases. A press release is a written statement that announces an event related to our company. Online press release marketing have become one of the most common ways by which business owners can effectively promote their businesses. Unlike other Internet marketing techniques, the effects of press release marketing in terms of exposure can be felt immediately. But what exactly is it that encourages companies to create press releases? Can they really profit from it? Let’s take a better look at the advantages that press releases can provide businesses. 1. Drive traffic to our website. If our press release gets published in one of the more reputable media outlets, our site’s URL that we provided in it will be viewable to thousands of people around the world. Readers who wish to know more information about our industry, business, and products/services will most likely click on the link pointing to our site. Hence, a huge volume of quality traffic will be directed towards us. It also pays to mention that depending on the press release marketing strategy that we use, we can easily reach a specific audience that matters to our business the most. This is because we control which category our press release will be published in and choose the media outlets that are related to our business or industry. This way, we can ensure that we’ll attract targeted traffic to our corporate website. Having targeted traffic will pave the way to higher leads conversion rates and profits. 2. Increase our business’ visibility. Remember that we’re creating press releases not only for the media but also for the millions of people who access the Internet every single day. Many of these users are or can be our own customers. Apart from buyers, we can also target investors. We may write a press release that highlights our company’s advancements. Those achievements can be effective tools for luring investors. 3. Build rapport with key marketing people. Remember that people will always be on the lookout for good stories. As a business owner, we can take advantage of this by using press releases to provide them with interesting stories while at the same time making a name for our company. If we can create an informative and well-written press release, then chances are more people will end up reading it. And take note that the people who always read press releases are usually those who are on the lookout for valuable content to publish. So if we press release piques interest, online news agencies, blogs, and other resources might just publish it. Eventually, they will trust us more and provide us with greater media coverage. 4. Directly promote our products/services and business. In contrast to article marketing, we can openly promote our company and our products/services via call to action phrases scattered throughout the body of our press release. We can go into detail about our product line as well as use language to convince prospects and customers to purchase from web. We may even influence our target market’s buying behavior through special offers, discounts, and coupon codes which we can freely mention in our press release. 5. Enhance our company’s credibility. If we come up with well-written press releases and have them published in the websites of reputable media companies, more and more people will start seeing us as an industry expert. Why is this so important? First of all, we’ll gain our customers’ trust instantly. Once we’re deemed as a trustworthy company, they’ll most likely start purchasing from web. Finally, if the media considers us as an expert, then we’ll be the first person they’ll call whenever they need someone to comment on a news article related to our niche.
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